2016-17 Upper Deck Black Hockey Box

5 Cards per Box
5 Boxes per Inner
2 Inners per Case
Save: $-42.00

Delivering Now FIVE Premium Cards Per Pack,
UD Black Will Put Out Some of The Year’s Most Spectacular Cards


  o   Now Featuring 5 Premium Cards Per Pack With an Even More Spectacular Design! 
         UD Black Hockey Features 100% On-Card Signatures!
         Grab Two Autographs Per Box!
  o   Featuring The Spectacular Lustrous Rookies Signature Cards!
§  Featuring 35 Top NHL Rookie Stars From The Astonishing 2016-17 Season Printed on a Gleaming Acetate Surface!
§  Find Extremely Rare, Black & Blue Parallels Numbered to 5!
         New!  Look For Color Coded Autographs And Auto-Jersey Cards Featuring Some of The Most Stunning On-Card Autographs of The Year!
         New! Find Black Hole Relics and Premium Relic Cards Including Autographed Parallels of NHL’s top Rookies, Stars and Legends!
  o   These Stimulating Inserts Will Have Collectors Begging For More!  
         Find Pro Penmanship Cards Including Single, Combos and Trios; All Featuring On-Card Signatures, Signed on a Gleaming Acetate Surface!
         Star Trademarks & Rookie Trademarks Inserts Deliver an Array of Oversized Jersey And Patch Cards!
  o   Including Autographed Versions #’d as Low as 5 Copies Per!

Box Break:

         Grab Your Box of UD Black Hockey And Collect Five Super-Premium Cards: 
   4 Autograph, Material or Booklet Cards 
§  No less than 2 of the 4 cards will include an Autograph
  o   1 Base Card, Including: Regular #’d to 299 Gold Spectrum #’d to 25 or Black & Blue # 1-of-1 


         Mind Bending Rookies Insert
  o   Lustrous Rookies Signature Level 1 - # to 299 
  o   Lustrous Rookies Signature Level 2 - # to 199
  o   Lustrous Rookies Signature Level 3 - # to 99
  o   Lustrous Rookies Signature Gold Spectrum Level 1  //- # to 35
  o   Lustrous Rookies Signature Gold Spectrum Level 2  //- # to 15
  o   Lustrous Rookies Signature Black & Blue //- # to 5
  o   Signature Rookies Level 1 - # to 249
  o   Signature Rookies Level 2 - # to 149
  o   Signature Rookies Level 3 - # to 25
  o   Signature Rookies Level 1 Gold Spectrum Level 1 //- # to 35
  o   Signature Rookies Level 2 Gold Spectrum Level 2  //- # to 10
  o   Signature Rookies Black & Blue //- # to 5 
  o   Rookie Trademarks – Inserted 1:3
  o   Rookie Trademarks Jersey Auto // - Varied #ing