It is by far the most clean and organized sports cards card shop I have ever been in.

Great Place great people great service great prices - JF

If you have not visited Wayne's Sports Card, stop in and you will not be disappointed.  Wayne is the most honest and helpful person you will ever meet in the industry. - P. Lunnin

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your shop. your products, the people behind the counter - even the customers.


I find the prices reasonable, but more important there's not been a time when I've been in your store where the staff haven't been extremely helpful and friendly. I sometimes see customers chatting up a storm; they seem to be in a good mood also. It's almost as if I've gone back in time to an era where civility and friendliness were the norm.


Rarely does one see that today.


I'm 62 years old and have shopped in hundreds of stores, around the world. A small percentage of the service is indifferent or poor. Most has been good, and a small percentage of the good service has been what I would call exceptional. Your store is like that, right at the top.


Keep up the good work. How you run your company and treat your customers is an example of how the business world should work. Good for you. - Byron

Wayne and Nikki operate the finest sports card shop in north america.  They offer new and old packs and boxes from high end to low end and singles from every sport. They are priced competitively and Wayne has a true passion for collecting and the industry.  He is keen to hear others perspectives on the hobby and I do believe he shares these with industry representatives.  He has many stories to tell about meeting all time greats in every sport, and is knowledgeable in all.  The actual store is a mecca for sports cards.  You could not imagine a cleaner, accessable and truly the card store of all card stores.  Auto Jerseys of the Great One, Montana, Elway etc grace the walls in orderly fashion. While obviously operating a successful buisness, his success is only surpassed by his passion for the hobby.  Go once and you will be impressed immediately.  Get to know Wayne and his Wife through regular visits and you will find the perfect place for your hobby source.  Any sports fan visiting West Edmonton Mall should stop by across the street. You won't regret it - Ryan