2011-12 Upper Deck SP Authentic


5 Cards per Pack
24 Packs per Box
12 Boxes per Case

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  • Collect at least 3 Great Signature Cards in EACH box!  o   Grab 1-2 Autographed Future Watch Rookie Cards!  ·         Find Autographed Future Watch Patch cards, #’d to 100!  o   These great hits fall at least 1 per case!  ·         (NEW) Get more Rookies with the Rookie Extended Series! o   The base insert of fledgling stars falls 1:2! o   Also find a parallel of the insert #’d to just 10! ·         Back for More: Regular Card Limited Patch Variations! o   Introduced last year, these instantly became collector favorites! o   Two tiers of selected players, with numbering to 100 and 25! ·         An SPA Signature Lineup You Can Count On!  o   (NEW) Signature Stoppers – Goalies, goalies & more Goalies!  o   Sign of the Times – a true winner, year after year!  o   Prestigious Pairings – great combos, with #’ing reduced to 35 this year!  o   SP Chirography – another stellar lineup of autograph cards!  o   Marks of Distinction – limited print runs equals maximum value!  o   Immortal Inks – all the best, delivered in one fell swoop!  ·         (NEW) Rookies Join the Hologram Circuit too! o   Still falling 2 per box, these now feature the freshmen everyone wants! ·         Look for Sign of the Times Duals, hitting 1 per Case!

PRODUCT BREAKDOWN:  ·         Awesome Autograph Lineup (combining to hit 3 per box, on avg!)  o   Autographed Future Watch – #’d to 999 o   Sign of the Times o   Sign of the Times Duals – inserted 1:288 o   Sign of the Times Trios – #’d to 25 o   Sign of the Times Quads – #’d to 10 o   Sign of the Times Fives – #’d to 8 o   Sign of the Times Sixes – #’d to 7 o   Sign of the Times Sevens – #’d to 6 o   Sign of the Times Eights – #’d to 5 o   Prestigious Pairings – #’d to 35 o   SP Chirography – #’d to 50 o   Signature Stoppers – #’d to 25 o   Marks of Distinction – #’d to 25 o   Immortal Inks – #’d to 10 ·         Autographed Patch cards o   Autographed Future Watch Patch – #’d to 100 o   Regular Card Limited Autograph Patch Parallel, Level 1 – #’d to 100 o   Regular Card Limited Autograph Patch Parallel, Level 2 – #’d to 25 ·         Additional Patch cards o   Regular Card Limited Non-Auto Patch Parallel, Level 2 – #’d to 25 ·         Rookie Holograms  o   Rookie Holo F/X – inserted 1:12 o   Rookie Holo F/X – Die-Cut – inserted 1:288 ·         Collect More Rookies! o   Future Watch – #’d to 999 o   Rookie Extended Series – inserted 1:2  o   Rookie Extended Series – inserted #’d to 10 ·         Essential Subset o   SP Essentials – inserted 1:12 ·         Regular Cards o   150 Regular Cards

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