2014-15 Upper Deck Series 1 Hobby


8 Cards per Pack
24 Packs per Box
12 Boxes per Case

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CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: UD1 Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with another Stellar Young Guns Class! o Delivering at the trademark of 6 per Box! The Vaunted Piece of History 500 Goal Club Jersey cards and Newly-Created 1,000-Point Club Jersey cards Join UD Game Jersey to deliver 2 Memorabilia cards per Box!o Find Autograph Jersey parallels to the Piece of History cards! o Also look for UD Patch parallels, always a hit with #ing to just 15! Put Together the UD Canvas Set, filled with Intriguing Photography! o As always, this insert is highlighted by Young Guns as well, hitting 1 in 48 packs! Find Great Collectibility in the Clear Cut Acetate inserts! o Highlighting Stoppers, Captains, Foundations & Leaders, these Case Hits are #’d to 100 or less, respectively! Kings Spent Their Day With The Cup! o Now You can too! o Showcasing rarely seen photos that truly capture their Day With The Cup! Look for All 400 Original 1990-91 Upper Deck Hockey Cards, numbered to 25 to celebrate UD’s 25th Anniversary! o Bonus – Find Signed versions too! Base Set Parallels – More Collectibility from UD1! o With Exclusives (#’d to 100) and High Gloss Spectrum versions (#’d to 10), it’s a must! Collect the Shining Stars inserts, Featuring 10 Stars Per Position, Exclusive to Specific SKU’s! o Hobby Packs showcase Centers, Left & Right Wingers + Legends! o Find rarer Gold Rainbow parallels too! Cap it off with Hockey Heroes from the 2000’s! o Continuing the popular series that has come to life the past few years! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: Rookie Cards! o Young Guns – inserted 1:4 UD Canvas cards! (combined to deliver 1:6) o Regular Cards – inserted 1:7 o Young Guns – inserted 1:48 Memorabilia & Autograph Cards! o UD Game Jerseys – inserted 1:13 o A Piece Of History, 500 Goal Club Jerseys – inserted 1:3,456 o A Piece Of History, 1,000 Point Club Jerseys – inserted 1:1,152 o UD Game Patch – #’d to 15 o A Piece Of History, 500 Goal Club Jersey – #’d to 25 o A Piece Of History, 1,000 Point Club Jersey – #’d to 10 o Signature Sensations – inserted 1:288 Shining Stars! o Shining Stars, Centers – inserted 1:16 o Shining Stars, Left & Right Wingers – inserted 1:24 o Shining Stars, Legends – inserted 1:48 o Shining Stars Centers, Gold Rainbow parallel – inserted 1:48 o Shining Stars Left & Right Wingers, Gold Rainbow parallel – inserted 1:72 o Shining Stars Right Wingers, Gold Rainbow parallel – inserted 1:144 Spend A Day With The Cup! o Day With The Cup – inserted 1:1,000 Clear Cut Inserts! o Clear Cut Stoppers – #’d to 100 o Clear Cut Captains – #’d to 100 o Clear Cut Foundations – #’d to 25 o Clear Cut Leaders – #’d to 10 Must-Have Regular Set Parallels! o Exclusives – #’d to 100 o HG – #’d to 10 Some of the Game’s Greats! (combined to deliver 1:12) o 2,000’s Hockey Heroes – inserted 1:12.5 o Hockey Heroes, Art Card – inserted 1:600 o Hockey Heroes, Header Card – inserted 1:600 Regular Cards 200 Regular Cards

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