2017-18 Upper Deck Trilogy Box


4 Cards per Pack
8 Packs per Box
10 Boxes per Inner Shipper
2 Inner Shippers per Case

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§  Trilogy Delivers Rookie Cards In A Totally Unique Fashion.
o   Limited to a Mere 33 Top Prospects Each With 3 Different Base Set Rc’s.
o   Including: Common Rookies #’D To 999, Uncommon Autograph Rookies #’D To 349 or Less,  Rare Inscribed Autograph Rookies #’D To 49 & Rare Rookies #’D To 25.
§  Look For Stunning Green Rainbow Foil Relic Variations Of The 33-Card Rookie Subsets.
o   Common Rookies Jersey #’D To 399, Uncommon Rookies Patch #’D To 35 & Rare Rookies Tag #’D To 5.

§  Find Three Unique Plexi-Glass Autograph Inserts. 

o   Ice Scripts Featuring A Hard-Signed Autograph From Young, Veteran And Retired NHL Stars Directly On Stunning Plexiglas Substrate.

o   New Scripted Hall Of Fame Plaques Featuring Hard Signed Hall Of Fame Autographs Inspired by The Players Plaque Hanging In The Hall Of Fame.      

  • The Popular Tryptich Inserts Return With A Whole New Array Of  Themed Memorabilia And Autograph Cards.
    • Featuring A Wide Array Of Memorabilia Including Jersey, Patch, Strap, Tag, Glove, Blocker, Leg Pad, Skates And Sticks. 

Box Break:
§  3 autograph or material cards
§  5 numbered cards


·       Rookie Cards + Parallels
o   Common Rookies – #’d to 999
o   Uncommon Autograph Rookies Tier 1 – #’d to 349
o   Uncommon Autograph Rookies Tier 2 – #’d to 249
o   Uncommon Autograph Rookies Tier 3– #’d to 149
o   Uncommon Rookies – #’d to 149
o   Rare Autograph Rookies – #’d to 49
o   Rare Rookies – #’d to 25
o   Triple Rookie Auto – #’d to 25
o   Common Rookies Green Jersey Parallel – #’d to 399
o   Uncommon Rookies Green Patch Parallel – #’d to 35
o   Rare Rookies Green Tag Parallel  – #’d to 5
o   Common Rookies Black Parallel – #’d to 99
o   Uncommon Autograph Rookies Black Parallel – Varied #ing
o   Uncommon Rookies Black Parallel – Varied #ing
o   Rare Autograph Rookies Black Parallel – #’d to 3
o   Rare Rookies Black Parallel – #’d to 3
o   Triple Rookie Autograph Black Parallel – #’d 1-of-1
·       Mega-Hits
o   Tryptich Relics Jersey – varied #ing
o   Tryptich Relics Premium Memorabilia – varied #ing
o   Tryptich Signatures – varied #ing
o   Triple Relics – varied #ing
o   Honorary Triple Swatches – varied #ing
·       Autographed Pucks
o   Signature Pucks – inserted 1:18
o   Signature Pucks, Team Logos Parallel – #’d to 18
o   Signature Pucks, NHL Shield Logo Parallel –#’d to 3
o   Stanley Cup Championship Signature Pucks – inserted 1:560
o   Stanley Cup Championship Signature Pucks  Team Logo Parallel – #’d to 10
o   Stanley Cup Championship Signature Pucks   Stanley Cup Logo Parallel – #’d to 3
o   Trophy Winners Signature Pucks – inserted 1:560
o   Trophy Winners Signature Pucks Team Logo Parallel – #’d to 8
o   Trophy Winners Signature Pucks NHL Shield Logo Parallel – #’d to 2
o   Hall of Fame Signature Puck – inserted 1:560
o   Hall of Fame Signature Puck Team Logo Parallel – #’d to 10
o   Hall of Fame Signature Puck HOF Logo Parallel – #’d to 3
o   Combo Signature Pucks – inserted 1:560
o   Combo Signature Pucks Team Logo Parallel – #’d to 5
o   Combo Signature Pucks NHL Shield Logo Parallel – #’d 1-of-1
·       Signed Plexi-Glass
o   Ice Scripts – inserted 1:85
o   Personal Script – inserted 1:500
o   Scripted Hall of Fame Plaques – #’d to 25
·       Base Card Parallels
o   Regular Cards, Blue Rainbow Parallel – #’d to 999
o   Regular Cards, Green Rainbow Jersey Relics Parallel – Varied #’ing
o   Regular Cards, Black Rainbow Prime Material Relics Parallel – Varied #’ing
·       Regular Cards
 50 Regular Cards

o   Personal Scripts Are Back With An Update Design On Plexi-Glass.
§  Signature Pucks Are Back And Ready To Score Some Big Hits For Collectors.
o   Showcasing Nhl Superstars And Rookies Alike, Score Some Of The Biggest Names In The Game Today.
§  We Have More! Find Some Of The Greatest To Ever Play The Game In The Hall Of Fame Signature Puck Subset.
o   New Stanley Cup Champions And Trophy Winner Signature Pucks Featuring Signatures of Past Champions And League Award Winners.

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