2018-19 Team Canada


5 Cards per Pack
15 Packs per Box
8 Boxes per Inner Shipper
2 Inner Shippers per Case

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·        Features a stunning 100-card base set including Hockey Canada’s elite U-18 & U-20 prospects, 2018 women’s team and legendary alumni!
o   Find  Exclusives #’d to 225, High Gloss #’d to 25 & Black #’d to 5 parallels of the base set, five or more per box.
·        Back by Popular Demand! Return of the historical Program of Excellence insert with a new design.
·        NEW! Be on the lookout for rare Program of Excellence Exclusives and High Gloss Parallels numbered to 99 & 25!
·        ALL-NEW Hobby Exclusive! Collect the all-new Golden Futures Autograph Parallel insert set.
·        Find a huge selection of autograph & memorabilia Inserts in this year’s Team Canada Juniors collection.
·        Get 4 Autograph or Memorabilia Cards in Every Box (on average):
o   Including at least 1 Premium Series Autograph Patch Per Box,  Including Tier1 #’d to 125, Tier 2 #’d to 199, Women’s Premium Swatch Auto #’d to 199. 

BOX BREAK (on average):
·        Six (6) or more #’d parallels, including:

            Base Set Exclusives #’d to 225
            Base Set High Gloss #’d to 25
            Base Set Black #’d to 5
            NEW Program of Excellence Exclusives #’d to 99
            NEW Program of Excellence High Gloss #’d to 25 

·        Three (3) or more autograph or memorabilia inserts, including:

            Black Auto #’s to 5
            Team Canada Jerseys
            NEW Golden Futures Auto 

·        One (1) or more premium autograph patch cards, including:

            Team Canada Premium Swatch Auto Tier 1 #’d 125
            Team Canada Premium Swatch Auto Tier 2 #’d 199
            Team Canada Women’s Premium Swatch Auto #’d to 199 

·       Autograph & Memorabilia Hits
o   Base Set Black Autograph Parallels – #’d to 5
o   Base Set Team Canada Jersey Parallels – 1:8
o   Golden Futures Autograph Parallels – 1:200
o   Team Canada Premium Swatch Auto Tier 1 Parallels  – #’d to 125
o   Team Canada Premium Swatch Auto Tier 2 Parallels  – #’d to 199
o   Team Canada Women’s Premium Swatch Auto Parallels  – #’d to 199 

·       POE & Parallels
o   Program of Excellence –  1:4
o   Base Set Exclusives Parallels  – #’d to 225
o   Base Set High Gloss Parallels  – #’d to 25
o   Base Set Black Parallels  – #’d to 5
o   Program of Excellence Exclusives Parallels – #’d to 99
o   Program of Excellence High Gloss Parallels – #’d to 25 

·       New Notable Inserts
o   Golden Futures – 1:15 

·       Base Set
o   100 Base Set Cards

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