2019-20 Stature


UD STATURE HOCKEY 19/20 (8/1/24)

8 Cards per Pack
1 Pack per Box
12 Boxes per Inner Case
2 Inners per Master Case

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·        The newest addition to the Upper Deck lineup, Stature is a high-end product with an elegance and premium card stock sure to please collectors. 

·        The 100-card veterans/legends base set features 75 veterans and 25 legends while the rookie base set is made up of the 100 best rookies in the game today!

§  Each base set boasts multiple design variants and parallels, highlighted by the Purple Patch Auto and 1-of-1 Black Auto parallels. 

·        Stature’s three themed inserts run the gamut from star newcomers to retired legends: 

Rookie Reliance – 50 of the top rookies
Esteemed – 25 current star veterans
Century Momentous – 25 of the best to ever step on the ice 

Look for hard-signed autograph parallels of each insert numbered as low as 1!! 

·        Each pack contains 8 cards, including at least 1 auto or auto-patch card and at least 1 rookie card. 

BOX BREAK  (on average):
·        2 – Base Set Veterans/Legends Cards
·        2 – Numbered Parallel Cards
·        1 – Autograph or Autograph-Patch Card
·        1 – Base Set Rookies Card (#’d to 399)
·        1 – Insert Card (Esteemed, Rookie Reliance or Century Momentous)
·        1 – Autograph, #’d Rookie, #’d Parallel or Insert Card 


Autograph Cards                   

Card                                                                                                                                    #’ing/Ratio
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Auto Parallel                                                                          1:4
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Green Auto Parallel (Tier 1)                                                    #’d to 65
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Green Auto Parallel (Tier 2)                                                    #’d to 25
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Red Auto Parallel (Tier 1)                                                       #’d to 35
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Red Auto Parallel (Tier 2)                                                       #’d to 10
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Blue Auto Parallel (Tier 1)                                                      #’d to 10
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Blue Auto Parallel (Tier 2)                                                      #’d to 5
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Black Auto Parallel (Tier 1)                                                     #’d 1-of-1
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Black Auto Parallel (Tier 2)                                                     #’d 1-of-1
Base Set: Rookies – Auto Parallel                                                                                         #’d to 199
Base Set: Rookies – Green Auto Parallel                                                                               #’d to 85
Base Set: Rookies – Red Auto Parallel                                                                                   #’d to 45
Base Set: Rookies – Blue Auto Parallel                                                                                  #’d to 15
Base Set: Rookies – Black Auto Parallel                                                                                #’d 1-of-1
Rookie Reliance – Auto Parallel                                                                                           1:6
Rookie Reliance – Green Auto Parallel                                                                                 #’d to 49
Rookie Reliance – Red Auto Parallel                                                                                     #’d to 15
Rookie Reliance – Blue Auto Parallel                                                                                    #’d to 5
Rookie Reliance – Black Auto Parallel                                                                                  #’d 1-of-1
Century Momentous – Auto Parallel                                                                                   1:50
Century Momentous – Green Auto Parallel                                                                         #’d to 25
Century Momentous – Red Auto Parallel                                                                            #’d to 10
Century Momentous – Blue Auto Parallel                                                                           #’d to 5
Century Momentous – Black Auto Parallel                                                                          #’d 1-of-1
Esteemed – Auto Parallel                                                                                                   1:60
Esteemed – Green Auto Parallel                                                                                         #’d to 25
Esteemed – Red Auto Parallel                                                                                            #’d to 10
Esteemed – Blue Auto Parallel                                                                                           #’d to 5
Esteemed – Black Auto Parallel                                                                                          #’d 1-of-1 

Autographed Patch Cards                   

Card                                                                                                                                    #’ing/Ratio
Base Set: Veterans/Legends Design Variant – Patch Auto Parallel                                         Varied #’ing
Base Set: Veterans/Legends Design Variant – Red Patch Auto Parallel                                  Varied #’ing
Base Set: Veterans/Legends Design Variant – Purple Patch Auto Parallel                              Varied #’ing
Base Set: Rookies Design Variant – Patch Auto Parallel                                                         #’d to 33
Base Set: Rookies Design Variant – Red Patch Auto Parallel                                                  #’d to 9
Base Set: Rookies Design Variant – Purple Patch Auto Parallel                                              #’d 1-of-1
Rookie Reliance – Patch Auto Variation Parallel                                                                    Varied #’ing
Century Momentous – Patch Auto Variation Parallel                                                            Varied #’ing
Esteemed – Patch Auto Variation Parallel                                                                             Varied #’ing 

More Insert Cards                   

Card                                                                                                                                    #’ing/Ratio
Rookie Reliance                                                                                                                   1:2
Rookie Reliance – Green Parallel                                                                                          #’d to 125
Rookie Reliance – Red Parallel                                                                                             #’d to 65
Rookie Reliance – Blue Parallel                                                                                            #’d to 25
Rookie Reliance – Black Parallel                                                                                           #’d to 10
Century Momentous                                                                                                           1:4
Century Momentous – Green Parallel                                                                                  #’d to 125
Century Momentous – Red Parallel                                                                                      #’d to 65
Century Momentous – Blue Parallel                                                                                     #’d to 25
Century Momentous – Black Parallel                                                                                   #’d to 10
Esteemed                                                                                                                           1:4
Esteemed – Green Parallel                                                                                                  #’d to 125
Esteemed – Red Parallel                                                                                                      #’d to 65
Esteemed – Blue Parallel                                                                                                     #’d to 25
Esteemed – Black Parallel                                                                                                   #’d to 10 

Low-Numbered Base Cards                   

Card                                                                                                                                    #’ing/Ratio
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Black Parallel                                                                         #’d to 15
Base Set: Veterans/Legends Design Variant – Red Parallel                                                    #’d to 20
Base Set: Veterans/Legends Design Variant – Purple Parallel                                                #’d 1-of-1
Base Set: Rookies – Blue Parallel                                                                                          #’d to 35
Base Set: Rookies – Black Parallel                                                                                         #’d to 15
Base Set: Rookies Design Variant                                                                                          #’d to 99
Base Set: Rookies Design Variant – Red Parallel                                                                    #’d to 20
Base Set: Rookies Design Variant – Purple Parallel                                                                #’d 1-of-1 

Regular Base Cards                   

Card                                                                                                                                    #’ing/Ratio
Base Set: Veterans/Legends                                                                                                 2:1
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Green Parallel                                                                        #’d to 165
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Red Parallel                                                                           #’d to 85
Base Set: Veterans/Legends – Blue Parallel                                                                          #’d to 35
Base Set: Veterans/Legends Design Variant                                                                          #’d to 99
Base Set: Rookies                                                                                                                #’d to 399
Base Set: Rookies – Green Parallel                                                                                       #’d to 165
Base Set: Rookies – Red Parallel                                                                                           #’d to 85


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