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8 Boxes per Inner Case
2 Inners per Master Case

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The 90-card Ultimate Introductions insert set boasts all of the top rookies in the game today. Look for an impressive slate of low-numbered parallels, as well as the Gold Auto parallel featuring hard-signed autographs and falling, on average, one in every four packs!  

Ultimate Access returns with more dazzling imagery, hard-signed autographs and premium memorabilia, highlighted by the Gold Patch Auto Parallel numbered to just 6! 

Ultimate Rookies are true rookie cards featuring the top players from the 2019-20 class. Keep an eye out for Ultimate Rookie Autograph cards numbered as low as 99, Ultimate Rookies Auto Patch cards numbered as low as 49 and Hobby-exclusive, one-of-a-kind (#’d 1- of-1) Ultimate Rookies Auto Shield Patch cards boasting an NHL® Shield Patch!! All autographs are hard-signed. 

Casual fans and hardcore collectors alike will covet the diverse 40-card Ultimate Material Signatures insert featuring hard-signed autographs and a jersey swatch from top rookies, active superstars and retired legends!  

New! We’ve bolstered the 2019-20 edition of Ultimate Collection with more great rookie content! Rookie Accents is a new insert designed to provide stunning in-game action imagery and a clean signing area for an on-card auto 

Each card in the 15-card All-Star Skills Auto Shield Patch set boasts an impressive 1-of-1 NHL® Shield patch alongside the on-card signature of an NHL All-Star. This is a truly a one-of-a-kind set and a valuable addition to any collection. 

The Pro Threads insert, featuring 40 current superstars split into three tiers, draws inspiration from the popular Debut Threads insert. These hard-signed autographed memorabilia cards are numbered as low as 10!


Rookie & Ultimate Introductions Autograph Cards                   

Card                                                                                                                                    #’ing/Ratio
Ultimate Introductions – Gold Auto Parallel                                                                          1:4
Ultimate Introductions Showcase – Gold Auto Parallel                                                1:136
Ultimate Rookie Autos (Tier 1)                                                                                              #’d to 299
Ultimate Rookie Autos (Tier 2)                                                                                              #’d to 299
Ultimate Rookie Autos (Tier 3)                                                                                              #’d to 99
Retro Rookie Autos (Tier 1)                                                                                                   #’d to 225
Retro Rookie Autos (Tier 2)                                                                                                   #’d to 125
Retro Rookie Autos (Tier 3)                                                                                                   #’d to 49 

Additional Autograph Cards & Premium Memorabilia Cards                   

Card                                                                                                                                   #’ing/Ratio
Base Set Veterans – Auto Parallel                                                                                         1:10
Base Set Legends – Auto Parallel                                                                                          1:30
Base Set Veterans – Onyx Black Auto Parallel                                                                        1:10
Base Set Legends – Onyx Black Auto Parallel                                                                         1:30
Ultimate Introductions – Onyx Black Auto Parallel                                                                #’d to 10
Ultimate Introductions Showcase – Onyx Black Auto Parallel                                                #’d to 5
Ultimate Rookies (Tier 1) – Auto Patch Parallel                                                                     #’d to 99
Ultimate Rookies (Tier 2) – Auto Patch Parallel                                                                     #’d to 49
Hobby Exclusive! Ultimate Rookies (Tier 1/2) – Auto Shield Patch Parallel                            #’d 1-of-1
New! Rookie Accents                                                                                                         Varied #’ing
Retro Rookie Auto Patch                                                                                                    #’d to 49
Debut Threads Auto Patch (Tier 1)                                                                                     #’d to 99
Debut Threads Auto Patch (Tier 2)                                                                                     #’d to 49
Ultimate Access Jersey – Auto Parallel                                                                                Varied #’ing
Ultimate Icons Jersey – Auto Parallel                                                                                  Varied #’ing
Ultimate Access – Copper Patch Parallel (Tier 1)                                                                 #’d to 10
Ultimate Access – Copper Patch Parallel (Tier 2)                                                                 #’d to 5
Ultimate Access – Copper Patch Auto Parallel                                                                    #’d to 25
Ultimate Icons – Copper Patch Parallel (Tier 1)                                                                   #’d to 10
Ultimate Icons – Copper Patch Parallel (Tier 2)                                                                   #’d to 5
Ultimate Access – Copper Patch Auto Parallel                                                                    #’d to 25
Ultimate Icons – Copper Patch Auto Parallel                                                                       #’d to 25
Ultimate Access – Gold Patch Parallel (Tier 1)                                                                     #’d to 3
Ultimate Access – Gold Patch Parallel (Tier 2)                                                                     #’d to 3
Ultimate Access – Gold Patch Auto Parallel                                                                        #’d to 6
Ultimate Icons – Gold Patch Parallel (Tier 1)                                                                       #’d to 3
Ultimate Icons – Gold Patch Parallel (Tier 2)                                                                       #’d to 3
Ultimate Access – Gold Patch Auto Parallel                                                                        #’d to 6
Ultimate Signatures                                                                                                          1:12
Ultimate Material Signatures                                                                                            Varied #’ing
Ultimate Premium Materials                                                                                             Varied #’ing
Ultimate Signature Premium Materials                                                                              Varied #’ing
Signature Material Laureates                                                                                             Varied #’ing
Signature Masterpieces                                                                                                     1:24
Pro Threads (Tier 1)                                                                                                           #’d to 49
Pro Threads (Tier 2)                                                                                                           #’d to 25
Pro Threads (Tier 3)                                                                                                           #’d to 10
Base Set Veteran Auto Shield Patch Variant                                                                       #’d 1-of-1
Base Set Veteran Shield Patch Variant                                                                               #’d 1-of-1
All-Star Skills Auto Shield Patch                                                                                         #’d 1-of-1
All-Star Skills Shield Patch                                                                                                  #’d 1-of-1
Rookie Tandem Shield Patches                                                                                          #’d to 2
All-Star Tandem Shield Patches                                                                                         #’d 1-of-1
Ultimate Inscriptions – Redemption Card                                                                           10 Total Copies 

Memorabilia Cards                   

Card                                                                                                                                    #’ing/Ratio
Ultimate Rookie Jerseys                                                                                                       #’d to 399
Ultimate Access Jersey (Tier 1)                                                                                             1:12
Ultimate Access Jersey (Tier 2)                                                                                             1:72
Ultimate Icons Jersey (Tier 1)                                                                                               1:18
Ultimate Icons Jersey (Tier 2)                                                                                               1:45
Ultimate Quad Materials (Tier 1)                                                                                          #’d to 99
Ultimate Quad Materials (Tier 2)                                                                                          #’d to 49 

Base, Base Parallel & Insert Cards                   

Card                                                                                                                                   #’ing/Ratio
Base Set Veterans                                                                                                               #’d to 149
Base Set Legends                                                                                                                #’d to 99
Base Set Veterans – Onyx Black Parallel                                                                                 #”to 10
Base Set Legends – Onyx Black Parallel                                                                                #’d to 5
Ultimate Introductions                                                                                                       1:4
Ultimate Introductions Showcase                                                                                       1:120
Ultimate Introductions – Onyx Black Parallel                                                                        #’d to 25
Ultimate Introductions Showcase – Onyx Black Parallel                                                        #’d to 15
Ultimate Introductions – Purple Parallel                                                                              #’d to 9
Ultimate Introductions Showcase – Purple Parallel                                                              #’d 1-of-1
Ultimate Rookies (Tier 1)                                                                                                    #’d to 299
Ultimate Rookies (Tier 2)                                                                                                    #’d to 299
Ultimate Rookies (Tier 3)                                                                                                    #’d to 99


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