2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions


5 Cards per Pack
20 Packs per Box
8 Boxes per Inner Case
2 Inner Cases per Master Case

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CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (All content listed is an average based on the entire production run)

ALL NEW FOR 2019!!

  • NEW! Look for an always-intriguing new selection of signers, slated to include Luka Doncic, DeAndre Ayton, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Victor Robles, 311 (the entire band) and many more notable names.
  • NEW! JFK Presidential Legacy Relics featuring key moments from one of the greatest leaders in US history.  Each card in the set will include a memorabilia artifact piece owned by John F. Kennedy!

Ø  Find the massive 1-of-1 oversized relic cut signature card.

  • NEW! Civic Symbols embroidered manufactured patch cards commemorating the United States Flags of each state across the country.  These will be broken into five tiers, all with differing tiers of scarcity.
  • NEW! Grimms’ Fairy Tales takes center stage in 2019 with Goodwin Single and Dual panel sketch cards!  Look for single panel sketch cards rare dual panel sketch cards featuring the beloved characters and stories from this timeless collection!
  • Genuine Heroes Signatures featuring a new checklist including Anthony Sadler (Paris train attack hero), Donald E. Ballard (Vietnam medal of honor), Mandy Manner (teacher of the year).
  • Participate in Goodwin’s 2nd Bounty Mission by collecting the Splash of Color Bounty Lenticular Variant set and earn unbelievable achievement cards.
  • Back by Popular Demand! Exquisite Collection Signature Kicks cards make their long awaited return.

Ø  Each card utilizes premium swatches from the signature brand shoes of each featured athlete.

Ø  Look for dynamic leather, lace, patch, rubber and logo swatches.

Ø  Featuring an array of the greatest athletes of all-time  alongside the next generation of iconic talent.

Ø  All autographs are 100% on-card.

  • Look for the return of the eye-catching Splash of Color insert set, including Autograph variations, 3D Lenticular variants and Bounty cards.
  • Museum Collection Aviation Relics return cards featuring swatches from historic memorabilia items

Ø  Look for rare oversized Museum Collection Aviation relic redemption cards.

  • Sports Royalty Autographs Return! Featuring dual on-card autographs from the finest athletes in the world.
  • Goodwin Masterpieces Art of the Ages Return! Featuring 1 of 1 painted art cards of some of the world’s most famous works of art.

Case Break (on average):

  • Each 8-box inner will deliver 1 case hit from the following inserts: Museum Collection Aviation relics, Grimms’ Fairy Tales Illustration relics & Sketch booklets, Goodwin Cut Signatures, Goodwin Masterpieces Art of the Ages, Sports Royalty Autos, JFK Legacy Relics, Signature Kicks, and Splash of Color Autographs.

Box Break (on average):

·        3 Hits From The Following

Ø  Hard-signed Autographs, Relics, Manufactured Patches or 3-D Lenticulars

·        10 Splash of Colors High Series SP’s or Goudey Cards

·         7 Mini Cards 


Hard-Signed Autographed Cards & Cut Signatures:
o   Genuine Heroes Signatures – 1:320
o   Goodwin Autographs – 1:60
o   Goodwin Inscribed Autographs – Varied Hand #ing
o   Goodwin Splash of Color Autographs – 1:1280
o   Goudy Autographs – 1:480
o   Goudy Sports Royalty Autographs –1:8000
o   Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Autographs – 1:25000
o   Goodwin Cut Signatures – #’d 1-of-1
o   Museum Collection Presidential Legacy JFK Cut Signature Relic – #’d 1-of-1
o   Exquisite Collection Signature Kicks – 1:5371  

        Memorabilia, Illustration and Relic Cards:
o   Goodwin Masterpieces Art of the Ages – Hand #’d 1-of-1
o   Goodwin Memorabilia – 1:40
o   Goodwin Memorabilia Premium Mem Parallel – Varied #ing
o   Goodwin Memorabilia Dual Swatch – 1:300
o   Goodwin Memorabilia Dual Swatch Mem Premium Mem Parallel – Varied #ing
o   Goodwin Splash of Color Memorabilia – 1:600
o   Goodwin Splash of Color Memorabilia Premium Mem Parallel – Varied #ing
o   Goudy Memorabilia – 1:300
o   Goudey Memorabilia Premium Mem Parallel – Varied #ing
o   Goudy Sports Royalty Memorabilia – 1:1520
o   Goudey Sports Royalty Premium Memorabilia Parallel – Varied #ing
o   Goudy Sports Royalty Memorabilia Dual Swatch – 1:2880
o   Goudey Sports Royalty Memorabilia Dual Swatch Prem Mem Parallel – Varied #ing
o   World Traveler Map Relics – 1:50
o   National Parks Vintage Map Relics Badlands – Hand #’d to 78
o   National Parks Vintage Map Relics Carlsbad Caverns – Hand #’d to 30
o   National Parks Vintage Map Relics Joshua Tree – Hand #’d to 94
o   National Parks Vintage Map Relics Glacier– Hand #’d to 10
o   Museum Collection Aviation Relics – 1:480
o   Museum Collection Aviation Jumbo Relics
o   Museum Collection JFK Presidential Legacy Relics – 1:4000
o   Grimms’ Fairy Tales Illustration Relics – 1:1200
o   Grimms’ Fairy Tales Sketch Booklets – 1:720
o   Grimms’ Fairy Tales Dual Sketch Booklets – 1:2160
o   Ancient Currencies – 1:1504
o   Civic Symbols Tier 1 – 1:76
o   Civic Symbols Tier 2 – 1:240
o   Civic Symbols Tier 3 – 1:660
o   Civic Symbols Tier 4 – 1:1250
o   Civic Symbols Tier 5 – 1:7500
o   Animal Kingdom Patches Tier 1 – 1:260
o   Animal Kingdom Patches Tier 2 – 1:600
o   Animal Kingdom Patches Tier 3 – 1:2400
o   Animal Kingdom Patches Tier 4 – 1:3500
o   Animal Kingdom Patches Tier 5 –1:4200
o   Animal Kingdom Patches Tier 6 – 1:10000 

        Inserts and Parallel Cards:
o   Minis – 1:4
o   Minis Wood Lumberjack – 1:20
o   Minis Black Wood Lumberjack Parallel – Hand #’d to 8
o   Goudey – 1:4 

        Base Set:
o   Regular Cards – 100 cards
o   Regular Cards Splash of Color Short Prints – 50 cards 

        Bounty Set:
o   Splash of Color Lenticular Variant Tier 1 – 1:40
o   Splash of Color Lenticular Variant Tier 2 – 1:200
o   Splash of Color Lenticular Variant Tier 3 – 1:800

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2019 Goodwin Champions Checklist – FINAL.xls

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