2020-21 Upper Deck Cup Hockey


6 Cards per Pack
1 Pack per Tin
6 Tins per Case

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•    Coveted Rookie Cards! Collect the most highly-sought after high-end rookie cards of the year, including, but certainly not limited to:

o    Base Set: Rookie Auto Patch: Along with the regular two-tiered set (T1 is #’d to 249 and T2 is #’d to 99), keep an eye out for Gold Foil (#’d to 24 and 12) parallels, non-tiered Red Foil Auto Tag (#’d to 4) and Green Foil Auto Button (#’d to 3) parallels, and Printing Plate Booklets!

o    Autographed Monumental Rookie Patch Booklets: This perennially-coveted set sporting two massive patch swatches is limited to just six #’d copies per player!

o    Exquisite Rookie Auto Patch: Another coveted set! The regular cards are #’d to the jersey number of each player in the set. Lucky collectors will find a 1-of-1 Auto Shield parallel. Also keep an eye out for regular and 1-of-1 Gold parallel Horizontal Variations.

o    Rookie Class of 2021: Each card in this set #’d to 249 features a top rookie. Look for a variety of stellar parallels: Patch (#’d to 49), Gold Foil Auto (#’d to 50), Gold Foil Auto Patch (#’d to 25), Black Foil Auto Inscription (#’d to 5) and Black Foil Auto Patch (#’d 1-of-1)!

o    NEW! 2003-04 Exquisite Limited Logos Rookies: Serially #’d to 50, this set features the classic 2003-04 design, large patch swatches and hard-signed autographs.

•    More New Inserts! The latest edition of The Cup features an impressive lineup of new inserts. Here is a look at some more of the additions:

o    CA United: Collectors will be chasing these unique patch booklets featuring standout Captain and Alternate Captain pairings, with each booklet boasting a “C” patch and an “A” patch from a game-worn jersey.

o    Lamplighters: This amazing-looking PETG-covered rainbow foilboard set features rookie, veteran and legend goal scorers.

o    Signature Home Unis & Signature Away Unis: Collect both versions for 30 different players (rookies, veterans and legends). Each card features two jersey swatches, two patch swatches, and a hard-signed autograph! In both sets, the regular vets/legends cards are #’d to 35 while the regular rookie cards are #’d to 49. Keep an eye out for Black parallels #’d to just 5.

o    Stick & Move: This incredible new #’d set features game-used stick from current stars and legends of the game. Look for Gold Foil Auto (Varied #’ing) and Black Foil Auto (#’d 1-of-1) parallels, each of which sport hard-signed autographs.

•    More Big-Time Booklets! Everyone loves booklets and The Cup delivers!

o    2020-21 Upper Deck Printing Plate Booklets: This set covers the complete 2020-21 Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 base set, including Young Guns®! Look for autographed versions!

o    9-Way Signature Booklets: Each booklet is #’d to 9. Look for the booklet featuring nine top 2020-21 rookies!

o    Autographed Monumental Patch Booklets: Like the rookie version, each unique card features two massive patch swatches.

o    Brand Logo Autographed Booklets: Collect unique veteran versions and rookie versions #’d to just 3!

o    Legends of Hockey Triple-Signed Booklets: Each low-#’d booklet features three legendary players and their hard-signed autograph.

•    Cup Classics! No edition of The Cup is complete without these sets, among others:

o    Brilliance: Look for these beautiful shadow box-style acetate cards featuring hard-signed autographs.

o    Enshrinements: The long-running Enshrinements and Enshrinements Duos (featuring incredible pairings) acetate inserts are back! All Enshrinements cards are hard-signed and low-#’d.

o    Limited Logos: One of the most popular autographed, game-worn patch card insert sets in hockey! This is three-tiered set with all tiers #’d to 50 or less.

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