2022-23 Upper Deck Skybox Metal Universe

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7 Cards per Pack
15 Packs per Box
16 Boxes per Case

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•    Skybox Metal Universe sports a 200-card base set, which breaks down as follows:

    100 Veteran Cards

    50 Rookie Cards

    50 Veteran Superstar Cards

Grab at least 1 Rookie and 1 Veteran Superstars card per pack, on average, and keep an eye out for a bevy of numbered parallels, including 1-of-1 Gold PMG (Precious Metal Gems) and autograph parallels! Additionally, collect the 1998-99 Metal Universe Retros, a 50-card design variation featuring the top rookies from the base set. Each card in this collection sports a unique background featuring original artwork from the 1998-99 Metal Universe base set!

•    Collect the Skybox Premium Prospects and 1998-99 Skybox Premium Prospects sets featuring the top 2022-23 rookie prospects. The latter is a design variation inspired by the 1998-99 Skybox Premium Rookies – Star Rubies set. Look for low-#’d and/or autograph parallels of both sets.

•    Look for new insert sets Flash the Glove, Aspects, Rookie Aspects and Bottle Rockets featuring the top veterans and rookies from the NHL. Make sure to look out for Gold and Autograph parallels of these insert sets.

•    Find the new awesome PETG insert The House and returning fan-favorite insert Palladium, each featuring top active stars and rookies. Grab at least 1 PETG card per box, on average, and look for low-#’d Spectrum parallels of both insert sets.

•    Look for rare Hot Shots die-cut cards featuring the game’s top players as well as stunning Metal-X cards.

•    The uniquely-designed and super rare Jambalaya insert boasts many of the best players in the game today.

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