2023-24 SP Authentic (Pre Order)


9 Cards per Pack

10 Packs per Box

8 Boxes per Case

2 Inners per Case

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The popular SP Authentic base set features 100 star veterans and 100 Future Watch Rookies. The perennially-coveted Autograph Future Watch Rookies cards are #’d to 999 and feature an autograph!

Every box contains, on average, at least one Autograph Future Watch Rookies card!

Look for Future Watch – Limited Red, Limited Gold (#’d to 99) and 1-of-1 Limited Black cards! These cards are unsigned versions of the Future Watch Rookies cards that can be collected alongside the Limited Red, Limited Gold (#’d to 99) and 1-of-1 Limited Black parallels of the regular base set. Collect ten Limited Red cards per box, on average!

Look for more awesome Future Watch rookie cards, including, but not limited to:

Future Watch Auto Patch: Features a swatch of premium memorabilia, an autograph, and is #’d to 100.

2013-14 Retro Future Watch Auto Patch: The 10th anniversary of this iconic design returns with 3 tiers of rarity, an autograph, and a swatch of memorabilia!

Bolster your card collection with popular Limited Auto Material and UD Authentics Auto Patch cards featuring autographs and premium game-used memorabilia from many of the biggest names in the game today! Collect all four tiers of the Limited Auto Material set (each #’d to 100 or less) and both tiers of the UD Authentics Auto Patch set (both #’d to 49 or less).

Look for cards from these insert sets:

Pageantry: Features star veterans, top rookies and legends; keep an eye out for Auto and Black Auto (#’d 1-of-1) parallels. Collect 1 Pageantry Red Parallel per box, on average!

Holofoils: Collectors will be chasing after these rare hologram insert cards featuring star veterans, top rookies and legends.

Collaborations: This 25-card dual-subject insert set focuses on teammates who frequently work together to impact the game! Be on the lookout for Blue and Green parallels.

Evolve: This unique insert, making its debut in SP Authentic, features players who have evolved throughout their playing careers! Be on the lookout for rare Evolve Autographs!

NEW! Freshman Focus: This all rookie insert set features top rookies who are sure to be the focus of the league for years to come!


The Mission

Collect the complete 91-card Spectrum FX bounty set!

Award Cards to Earn

The first 50 collectors to complete the 91-card Spectrum FX set will receive the 100-card Gold Spectrum FX set, the nine-card Spectrum FX Bounty Award Set, and a surprise bonus. Thereafter, all remaining collectors to complete the Spectrum FX Bounty Set will receive only the nine-card Spectrum FX Bounty Award Set.

Redeem all bounty cards at UpperDeckBounty.com! For more information about the bounty program, visit the site on or after the release date.