Halo Trading Cards (Pre Order)


6 Cards per Pack

20 Packs per Box

12 Boxes per Case

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CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS (All items subject to change)

Upper Deck is excited to debut our highly anticipated Halo: Legacy Trading Card set. As we celebrate the past decade of Halo games, this premium product will lead fans through the key events and popular characters of the Halo timeline: starting with the first game “Combat Evolved” to its newest release “Halo Infinite” where the Halo series franchise has now expanded to.

180 Card Base Set fearing some of the most iconic characters and key moments within the Halo Universe!

Parallels include Rarity by Foil Colors, Patterned Foil Board, and Metal Technologies.

Voice Autograph Cards!

Search for a wide variety of Single and Dual Voice Autograph Cards.

Look for Short Print Inserts showcasing pattern rainbow foil board cards

Weapon Drop, War Machine, Discover, and Halo Armory cards highlighting weapons, vehicles, and locations found within all the Halo games.

Glitched Parallels of Weapon Drop, War Machines, and Discover all #’d to 117.

Find Die Cut & Thematic Insert Cards

Cortana Chip Evolution- #’d to 499

Rampancy Parallel – #’d to 25

Forerunner Variants – #’d to 50

1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards

Look for limited edition sketch cards hand-drawn by talented artists