Marvel Spiderman No Way Home Blaster Box



6 Cards per Pack

6 Packs per Box

20 Boxes per Case

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Uncover the secrets of the Multiverse with Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man No Way Home trading cards! Look

for various Base Set and character Ensemble parallels. Find rare top tier talent autographs, etched foil cards

– Sixth Sense & Precious Metal Gems and other impressive hits!

• Blaster Exclusive Base Set and Ensemble Parallel Cards

o Red & Blue Foil Parallel

• Excellent Inserts

o In Action

o Sinister

o Public Enemy #1

• Talent Autographed Cards

o Get lucky and pull your favorite Spider-Man autograph card!

• Logo Patch Cards

o Featuring characters paired with a unique patch

• Chase Big Hits

o Short Print – Spidey Sigs

o Highly collectable Precious Metal Gems Magenta Cards

o Tiered Film Cels and 3 Versions of Canvas Cards

PACK HITS (On Average)

o 3 Base Set and/or Ensemble Cards

o 1 Amazing Spider-Man Parallel Card

o 2 Additional Inserts and/or Chase Cards

BOX HITS (On Average)

o 2 Red & Blue Foil Parallels of Base Set and/or Ensemble Cards

o 4 Additional cards from the following:

o Base Set/Ensemble parallel

o Canvas Card

o Insert Cards

o Spidey Sigs (Single, Short Print or Horizontal)

o Logo Patch

o Film Cel Card

o Sixth Sense or Precious Metal Gems

o Conception Perception + Red & Gold parallel

CASE HITS (On Average)

o 3 Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Parallels

o 1 Logo Patch Cards

o 1 The Multiverse is Real – Tier 2 Insert

o 15 Additional Insert and/or Chase Cards


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