X Files Monsters Of The Week Box (Pre Order)

6 Cards per Pack
20 Packs per Box
12 Boxes per Case

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Upper Deck’s second trading card set for The X-Files returns with a vengeance bursting with monsters from the cult classic television show!

• Monsters of the Week Edition’s 300 Card Base Set combines with UFOs and Aliens Edition and Upper Deck’s next X-Files set to create a sweeping 900 card base set!

• Find original art Sketch Cards!

• Signers include top actors, creators, and producers from the series!
• Autographs from David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis, Chris Carter, and many more!

• Autographs, Sketch Cards, and Printing Plates combine to fall at least 2 per box!

• Search for the ghoulish Glow-in-the-dark Base Set parallel, Monsters in the Attic.

• Earth’s Most Wanted cards feature notorious monsters from The X-Files inspired by old western wanted posters.

• The Characters insert returns in this edition with focus on Monsters and the characters that interact with them.

• Collect The X-Files Pilot Script in trading card form!

• Look for Single and Dual Paranormal Script Printing Plates signed by The X-Files Actors, Creators, and Producers numbered 1 of 1.
• Collect uniquely inscribed Plates and Cards too!

• Hunt for all 100 unique Sticker Cards from The X-Files – Monsters of the Week Edition!

BOX HITS (On Average)

• 1 Single or Dual Autograph Card
• 1 Additional Autograph, Printing Plate, or Sketch Card

CASE HITS (On Average)

• 1 X-Files Pilot Script SP Card


• Single and Dual Autographed Printing Plates
• Actor Inscribed Autograph Cards
• X-Files Pilot Script Cover Autograph – #’d to 25

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