2021-22 Upper Deck Ice Box

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6 Cards per Pack
12 Regular Packs + 1 2020-21 Bonus Pack per Box
12 Boxes per Inner Shipper
2 Inner Shippers per Case

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•    Hobby Exclusive Bonus Pack! Every box includes a five-card bonus pack. Each bonus pack contains, on average, three 2020-21 base set cards (veterans & rookies), one 2020-21 base set parallel, and one 2020-21 Ice Premieres rookie acetate card! See the “Product Breakdown” section below for a complete list of the cards available via the bonus pack.

•    Expanded Base Set! Collect the complete 250-card base set consisting of 100 veterans, 50 regular rookies and 100 serially-#’d (as low as 99) Ice Premieres acetate rookies.

o    Collect up to 10 incredible parallels of the regular base set cards, highlighted by the Royal Blue (#’d to 99), Red Auto (#’d to 5), Gold Patch (#’d to 15 or 25) and Black (#’d 1-of-1) parallels, all of which are Hobby exclusive.

o    Also collect up to four serially-#’d and Hobby-exclusive Ice Premieres parallels, including the coveted Gold (#’d to 25) and Black (#’d 1-of-1) parallels.

o    Every box contains, on average, 12 Base Set Rookies cards and at least two Ice Premieres rookie acetate cards (including parallels), among others!

•    The popular Sub Zero Stars, Sub Zero Rookies and Sub Zero Rookies Variants cards are back, including low-#’d Gold parallels of the stars and non-variant rookies. Collect one of these cards per box, on average.

o    Keep an eye out for rare Blue Auto parallels of the non-variant rookies, as well as Green Auto parallels of the rookie variants that are #’d to just 25.

o    All Sub Zero cards are Hobby exclusive!

•    New Inserts! 2021-22 Upper Ice sports a bevy of incredible insert sets, including three brand new sets:

o    Frozen In Ice: This a top veteran and rookie rip-card set, with each card hosting an Ice Premieres Mini rookie acetate card! Look for low-#’d Gold and Black parallels of both Hobby exclusive sets.

o    Ice Crystals: This is a die-cut set featuring top veterans and rookies. Keep an eye out for Hobby exclusive Orange (#’d to 99) and Yellow (#’d to 10) parallels. Collect three Ice Crystals cards per box, on average.

o    Shrines: This new insert is comprised of three subsets: StarsRookies and Legends. Each card features an acetate bottom layer and a rainbow foilboard top layer, and a facsimile signature.

•    Collect a wide variety of 2020-21 and 2021-22 Exquisite Collection™ cards, including Rookies, Rookie Signatures, 03-04 Rookie Auto Patch, 09-10 Rookie Auto and Material Signatures (2021-22 only). Look for low-#’d Gold and 1-of-1 Black parallels of each 2021-22 set, and low-#’d Gold (all) and Black (Rookies only) parallels of the 2020-21 sets. All Exquisite Collection™ cards are serially-#’d and Hobby exclusive.

•    More Acetate Cards! Looking for more acetate cards, including autographed and/or memorabilia versions? Keep an eye out for Glacial Graphs, Ice Premieres Auto, Ice Premieres Auto Patch (both 2020-21 and 2021-22 versions!), Ice Premieres Retro and Signature Swatches insert cards! See the “Product Breakdown” section below for available parallels.

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