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• 2024 AEW includes a 100-card base set with a new subset breakdown – Wrestlers (1-70), Tag Teams and Trios (71-90) and Crew (91-100).

o The parallel lineup is deep and full of chase cards! There are multiple Autograph and Memorabilia parallels that are sure to bring you close to the action!

o Be on the lookout for five (4) all-new parallels of the base set including the Outburst Parallel (1:24), Gold Pyro Parallel (#’d to 35), and the Outburst Gold Parallel (#’d 1-of-1).

o Collect, on average, three (3) Pyro parallels and one (1) Outburst parallel from every box!

• New Inserts! 2024 AEW is loaded with several exciting new insert sets. Here are some of the highlights:

o We are going worldwide! Collect the all-new We are All Global insert set that showcases some of the best AEW wrestlers from around the globe. Lucky collectors will find the Foilboard Parallel (#’d to 599) of this colorful insert set.

o Technique by Taz sports a checklist created by Taz himself! Each card features commentary from Taz discussing the technique of the featured wrestler. These cards also sport a Foilboard Parallel (#’d to 599) that will be an awesome addition to any AEW collection.

o Look out below! The all-new Flying Through the Air lenticular cards showcase dynamic action imagery of your favorite high-flying wrestlers. Lucky collectors will find the rare short printed version of these cards that are sure to be a big hit!

o Be on the lookout for the all-new AEW Posters insert set! These cards celebrate some of the largest PPV events of the year and the head-to-head matchups that made them so fun to watch. These cards sport a Foilboard Parallel (#’d to 599).

o Collect some of your wrestling heroes with the all-new AEW Heroes and Heroines insert! This insert set features top wrestlers on a comic book inspired design. This insert set features a bevy of parallels including a Green Parallel (#’d to 229), Red Parallel (#’d to 99), Purple Parallel (#’d to 50), and the rare Gold Spectrum Parallel (#’d 1-of-1).

• The AEW Breakouts set returns! Printed on PETG and Rainbow Foilboard, this set features some long-standing AEW stars alongside several recent additions to the AEW roster.

• Collect your Upper Deck classics! 2024 AEW has UD Canvas® cards that feature some of the top wrestlers with unique imagery! Collect, on average, four (4) UD Canvas® cards per box. Dazzlers make a return as well! These shimmering cards sport a Hobby-exclusive Blue and Green parallel. Look for three (3) Dazzlers cards per box, on average.

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