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2023 AEW Skybox Metal Universe delivers an impressive lineup of iconic cards to AEW fans and collectors in general. The list includes, but is not limited to, 1997-98 Championship Retros, Jambalaya, PMG and Premium Prospects cards.
The base set, which features the biggest names in AEW today, consists of 100 regular cards and 50 SP’s (the best-of-the-best). Collect one Base Set SP card (Pinfalls or Indispensable) from every pack, on average! There are a variety of compelling parallels: Red PMG (#’d to 100), Green PMG (#’d to 10) and Gold PMG (#’d 1-of-1) parallels of the complete base set, and Silver Auto, Green Auto (#’d to 10) and Gold Auto (#’d 1-of-1) parallels of the first 100 cards. Also keep an eye out for Printing Plates from the complete base set.
The 1997-98 Championship Retros set features 50 AEW stars on the classic 1997-98 Metal Universe design. Each wrestler’s card sports a unique space-themed background. Collect five cards from this set from every box, on average! There are also Purple Spectrum FX (#’d to 199) and Red (#’d to 100, 11-100), Green (#’d to 100, 1-10) and Gold PMG (#’d 1-of-1) parallels, as well as Printing Plates.
Look for regular and Gold Auto (#’d to 25) parallel cards from the Premium Prospects set, another old-school classic.
Everyone will be chasing after super-rare Jambalaya cards featuring the most popular wrestlers on the AEW roster!
Not only does AEW Skybox Metal Universe host PMG’s and multiple iconic inserts, it also hosts plenty of all-newand AEW-specific inserts! Here is a rundown:
Uno, Dos, TRIOS: This exciting 30-card insert set features top trios! There is also a Gold parallel #’d to 33.
Chopped: This new set features 20 wrestlers in the act of delivering a chop! Also look for Red parallels #’d to 75.
Ring Heroes: This set features 30 star wrestlers on a retro design. There is also a Gold parallel #’d to 25.
Collect two different acetate insert sets: Blast Furnace (30 of the top fiery Wrestlers) and Smooth (20-card insert set of wrestlers who are technicians in the ring). Look for Gold Spectrum parallels of each set, both #’d to 25! Collect 1 of these acetate cards per box, on average.
Keep an eye out for Metal-X cards! These rare hits, printed on Rainbow Foilboard with a PETG top layer and Spectrum Deco Foil, and featuring wrestlers cherished by fans around the world, will be a valuable addition to any collection!

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