Marvel Metal Universe Spiderman


6 Cards per Pack
12 Packs per Box
12 Boxes per Case

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Marvel Metal Universe Spider-Man Trading Cards merges throwback inspiration with new thematic designs and technology to showcase fan favorite characters from the Marvel Spider-Man Publishing Universe!

 100 Card Base Set with a 100 Card High Series featuring some of the most iconic Spider-Man characters

o Parallels include Gold, Red PMG, Green PMG, Orange, Turquoise, Pink, Purple, and Grandiose!

 Comic Cuts!

o Discover numbered Amazing Fantasy #15 Comic Cuts!

o Collect numbered Autographed Comic Cuts!

 Returning Inserts

Platinum Portrait cards featuring character portraits formed by stippled designs!

Palladium die cut acetate cards!

 Z-Force Rave

o Super Rave, Amazing Rave, and Gold Rave Parallels all feature limited numbering!

 Planet Metal!

o Copper, Platinum, and Gold Planet Metal cards all feature limited numbering!


 Daily Bugle Headlines

o Booklet designs that look like a Daily Bugle newspaper! Collect SP versions!


 Skyscraper Shadowbox

o Search for SP and SSP versions!

 Rogues Gallery

o Transparent thick Acrylic cards with fan-favorite Spider-Man Villains.


 1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards!

BOX HITS (On Average)

o 3 Gold FX Base or High Series Parallels

o 1 Numbered Base or High Series Parallel

o 2 Grandiose Parallels o 1 Palladium Card


o 1 of 1 Base or High Series Purple Parallels

o Platinum Portrait Cards

o Skyscraper Shadowbox SSP

o Amazing Fantasy #15 Comic Cuts o Autographed Comic Cuts

o Planet Metal Gold Parallel

o 1 of 1 Z-Force Super Rave o Original Art Sketch Cards

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